This post comes with a warning. It may be harmful to your wallet because when you see what I am about to show you, you’re going to want all the beautiful things. A few months ago, a friend told me about this exciting new concept called White Moss and I’ve been following their Instagram feed with anticipation ever since. What is White Moss, you ask? Well, its a brand new online home decor store and it’s all kinds of aaaaaah-mazing!

During the build-up to their launch I got in touch with the Founder, Leanne Moss, to find out more about her ‘new baby’ – because I’m just really impatient like that – and I have been hounding her with one burning question ever since. Picture a toddler in the back seat asking, “are we there yet”, and you’ll get an idea of how conversations with me have been for poor Leanne.

Thank heavens, the wait is over! Get a load of this…

The White Moss philosophy embodies simplicity and nature with a distinctly serene aesthetic. Leanne and her hubby, Rob, travelled to Bali to design and curate the product line for the brand’s first collection. Leanne has used a selection of natural materials, in a neutral colour pallet that will complement a wide spectrum of interiors styles. The variety of earthy tones and textures ticks all my boxes.

The White Moss website and online store has a beautifully simple aesthetic that makes viewing and shopping an absolute pleasure. Collections include baskets, cushions, mirrors, wall hangings, lighting, children’s décor, seating, and accessories. The website also features an ‘Inspiration Lounge’ providing styled ideas to create different looks including Tribal, Bohemian, Tropical, Coastal and Scandi.

Here are my top pics:


alice of wonder (bunny) stool | double belly pendant | beaded storages boxes | bali bowl chair | chevron raffia basketrattan baby crib

I mean seriously, I might consider a third child just to have a reason to own that crib! I’m really excited to watch this fabulous new concept soar. Best of luck to Leanne and her team.

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