A few weeks ago, I ordered some gorgeous bed linen for Ethan’s room and wanted to let you in on this awesome find! This room is a space in our new home which you probably haven’t seen much of yet. That’s because I’ve had a real decorating block with it. Yes, that happens. I don’t know why, but this room in particular has been a real struggle for me. The space is a lot smaller than his last bedroom, so we had to trade his old double bed in for a bunk bed situation. That was an epic search of it’s own, but we settled on the stylish Oeuf bunks, which I sourced locally from Children’s Lane in Abu Dhabi. New single beds meant that I needed to find a whole new set of bed linen. And so the search began.

I was after something that would look crisp, fresh and masculine and was delighted when I came across this bedding from Ooh Noo. This well designed collection of kids bedding is made of pure materials and the range is constantly updated so you can mix, match and enjoy the variety.

The team at Ooh Noo tend to produce only a small number of items in each design and colour, making them something quite unique. In the current collection, you can choose from cute illustrations or simple geometrics, and plenty of gender neutral options. I went with the Geometric web duvet sets and paired them with the Tiny triangle pillow cases. A winning combination for us.

One thing that you will notice is that the cover becomes softer after each wash and tumble-dry (yes you can tumble-dry!). The intention of the design is to fade and look less defined – so the more you wash and use the bedding, the better. Ooh Noo has bedtime covered – but they also offer an amazing range of kids toys. The entire Ooh Noo collection is designed by hand and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. Go and have a look!

PS: I’ll be showing more of Ethan’s room soon.

2 thoughts on “Ooh Yes for Ooh Noo

  1. Sara

    Lovely discovery, thanks for sharing 🙂
    on another ‘textile’ matter, where do you recommend to go for nice simple white blinds (roman or roll) in Dubai? Don’t think I’ve seen you talk about it on the blog and my hair is turning grey trying to find the right place! Thanks in advance 🙂


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