You may recall my recent post about fiddle leaf fig trees and how desperately I wanted one. Well I am pleased to report that not only have I tracked down the elusive fiddle leaf fig tree (aka ficus lyrata) in Dubai but I also completed a little DIY project to house it. Finding this baby proved to be somewhat of a mission but, not one to give up easily, I delved into the depths of beyond and came back victorious. Ok, so I just drove out to the Al Aweer / Warsan area, but trust me, it was very mission-like.

For Dubai dwellers who don’t know where the Al Aweer / Warsan area is, its off the Academic City road which runs behind the Dragon Mart complex. It’s like a tiny village of plant nurseries all in one place – you’ll be amazed at how many there are to choose from. Despite all the shops boasting an enormous selection of plants at very reasonable prices, fiddle leaf figs were few and far between. Only two shops had stock and although they were slightly smaller than what I was after, I was not leaving there without one. It’s worth mentioning that Dubai Garden Centre also stock ficus lyrata but theirs were quite a bit smaller. At the time, they were expecting a delivery of larger ones which are now available.

Having completed my mission, with my leafy new friend in the car, I stopped in at Ikea to find a pot… not that there weren’t a gazillion pots to chose from at the newly discovered plant oasis, but I was keen on a woven basket type which they didn’t have. I found the KASTANJENÖT (I dare you to say that one out loud) in no time and exited my favourite furniture superstore in what I am sure was my personal best time. The hubby was devastated to have missed the breaking of that particular record.

As always, the good folks at Ikea combined aesthetic beauty with practical functionality when they designed the KASTANJENÖT – this water hyacinth pot has a plastic inner pot which makes it waterproof. It’s the small things that impress me. And whilst the rattan handles make for easy lifting, I thought the pot would look much nicer without them, so they had to go. I also had a little spray painted color blocking action in mind so I taped it up and hey, presto! My fiddle leaf fig tree was in for a fresh new digs.

DIY planter for fiddle leaf fig tree

What do you think?

There’s nothing I love more than a super simple DIY that delivers great results. I only needed three items for this project:

  • Stanley knife to remove the handles on the pot
  • tape (I used packing tape because of its width)
  • spray paint


I’m really happy with my new plant. Here’s hoping it survives me.



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24 thoughts on “DIY Planter for my fiddle leaf fig tree

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  3. Zaan

    Stunning! I have been high and low looking for my fiddle leaf – found that they actually come with a hefty price tag! Can you remember at which shop in Warsan you found yours? I have been there, but did not have the patience to go through all the shops! Great blog BTW! 🙂


  4. Erika

    I typed in ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Dubai’ into Google and your post popped up on the first page. It’s funny as I have been obsessively looking for one of these too. However, I only recently learned what it was called. Yours is great but I was looking for one more like a tree (if that makes sense). I copied a link below for you to better understand. As your post is from a while back, I am wondering how your tree looks today. PS Your blog is great! I will definitely be following you in the future.


    1. Kathryn Hawkes Post author

      hello Erika, thanks for your kind words. Mine is still doing so well, which is a miracle in itself! I too love the style of tree you are after but have had no success find one like that in Dubai. I have thought about trying to prune mine to look that way, but am just too nervous about potentially destroying it! If you have any luck finding one like that, please do let me know. Regards, Kath


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  9. Erin

    Love fiddle leaf fig trees and your planter is perfect! Yay, for color blocking. It really takes things up a notch!


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Erin, you’re so right, color blocking does take things up a notch! I had a peek at your site. Love it! I’ve subscribed 😉 Kath


  10. Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

    I love your fiddle leaf tree and that planter is so pretty! The whole space looks so relaxing and inspiring. Pinned 🙂 I hope you will stop by and join us at The Makers this week!

    ~Katie @ Upcycled Treasures


  11. Amy Huntley

    I just love this!! I have been wanting to get me one of those! Now I want the planter too! So simple but beautiful! And your photograph is amazing! LOVE! Just pinned it for you!


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Amy, thanks so much for the lovely comment. I am loving my new fiddle leaf fig and its doing really well so far…. long may it last! Thanks so much for stopping by. Kath


    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Erika! Appreciate you stopping by. I had a peek at your site too and its awesome. That Easter basket is amazing.
      Kath x


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Angela, thanks so much. I must say, I am really loving it too. And boy do I love a DIY that requires minimal effort 🙂


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