I am seeing copper and shades of pink everywhere. From stationery and cake decor to kitchens and living rooms. I am loving it. What a pretty pair they make.

Metallics of all kinds are very much on trend, but copper is really catching my eye. Well-known for it’s efficient conductivity of heat, copper provides a perception of warmth as we head towards the cooler months. We are not quite there yet in Dubai – this week has been particularly stifling – but can I just say a big ‘yeah baby’ to the mere mention of cooler weather!

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Introducing a beautiful blush backdrop in your home is as easy as selecting Bliss from Jotun’s Spring/Summer 2014 paint collection.



Then add a touch of luxe with tres chic copper accessories, and voilà! You’ve got the look.


copper and blush accents

1 Tom Dixon candle | 2 Cameo wine glass | 3 Perforated copper pendant | 4 Copper flatware | 5 Tailored armchair | 6 Moroccan blush pillow | 7 Blush & taupe pillow | 8 Penelope accent table


I am seriously taken with how beautiful copper looks when combined with pastels and neutral shades. Take this room, for example. I love it’s calm color palette but don’t you think the addition of the copper pendant lamp takes the ‘wow factor’ factor up a notch?

copper and blush accents


I luuuurve it.

Happy weekend.




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