Anyone noticed how chunky knits are having their moment under the spotlight in the world of interiors? A quick glance at Pinterest will provide all the reassurance you need to know that these dramatically bulky weaves are on fleek. And by on fleek I mean bang on trend. Trust me, I had to look it up.

Knitted homewares have become part of the handmade revolution. Even celebrities have been seen knitting and this craft revival didn’t take long to extend to stylish home decor items. Forget the old scarft and baby socks. Think blankets, throws, poufs, pillows, baskets, bins, rugs and mats. Poufs are a favourite for me. They’re great for living areas, bedrooms and nurseries – not only do they look good but they double up as foot rests, chairs or floor pillows. Perfect decor pieces around accident prone toddlers.

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So, if this is something you think you may try your hand at (that is if you haven’t already had a go), super chunky knitting yarn is great for beginner knits and you’ll love how quickly your knits will grow. You can easily increase the scale of your craft from a scarf to a blanket or even a carpet. After a little look around online, I’ve discovered that you can source all sorts of yarn, including the super bulky type, locally from YarnsDubai.

For the not so brave, there are a great options to buy ready-made chunky knits in all forms and sizes. Ohhio is a design studio focused on creating super chunky knitted items. These handmade items include blankets, carpets and scarves. Their blankets are a stunning piece of art, destined to be treasured in your home. The yarn is 100% Australian Merino wool, meaning that it is soft, warm, and light. You can pre-order their blankets from here.

Other great online crafters and suppliers include Bloisem, WoolWow, PanapufaWoollen Collective and MarMarLand.

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  1. Aubrey Rabino

    I heard that this chunky knits have been popular in internet these days! There’s many people who would love to order this online and it’s been somehow, ised for modelling? Oh yes! 🙂
    I would love to try these someday… ? If ever. ?


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