Leather straps

I recently came across this exquisitely simple, highly functional and aesthetically beautiful leather strap. Mathilda Clahr, a design student from Sweden (yup, no surprises there), has transformed a simple strap of leather into an object with multiple uses, from keeping a favourite bag or magazine at the ready to stowing towels or scarves. I’m a big fan of simple, no frills design and this one ticks all the boxes. Source It got me thinking about the use of leather straps in decor and DIY… Read more »


Style file: Herringbone & Chevrons

You know how every now and then a particular style or trend catches your eye and you find yourself obsessing about it constantly. Totally normal behavior, right? Well I’ve fallen victim to this phenomenon and I’m laying the blame entirely on herringbone and chevrons – specifically for walls and floors (because I’ve seen about enough of chevron fabrics for now!) Believe me when I say I am having to hold myself back from installing what must be the jewel in the crown of flooring in… wait for it… my… Read more »

A round up of wire furniture lighting and accessories

Favourite things: Wire decor roundup

Hello my lovelies and welcome to October… already. It seems that Christmas is officially in sight. How did that happen so fast? Updates to the blog have been a little scarce lately as I’ve been sidetracked with a few small projects. One of these is a revamp of our dining room which is looking drab to say the very least. I’ll update you on this space when its fit for public consumption but in the meantime, I can tell you that its had… Read more »