Decor and interior lovers, you need to get a load of this! I’m not usually one to talk techie stuff, but I’ve just discovered a new app that’s going to rock your world. Patternsnap is most appropriately described by Harpers Bazaar Interiors, as ‘the Shazam of the interiors world.’ We’ve all had that frustrating experience of having seen a fabric or wallpaper that you loved, but didn’t or couldn’t get the name of it, so you spent hours online looking for it, or… Read more »


Christmas style: shop the look

  If you enjoyed the recent post on my collaborative Christmas styling project, then you’re going to love this inside scoop of where to find all these lovely goodies.   1 IKEA gift boxes & tags | 2 West Elm gold servers | 3 West Elm brass deer | 4 West Elm gold flatware set | 5 Black & gold tea set, The One | 6 West Elm organic shaped, metallic rimmed dinner set | 7 West Elm chevron nakins | 8 Monogrmmed dinner plates and mugs from D.tales | 9 Gold feathers from H&M online | 10 Gold cage vase,… Read more »

Fresh faced new-ish look

If this is not the first post you’ve ever read at House of Hawkes then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve had a wee face-lift. In keeping with the decluttering and minimising trend that’s slowly sweeping across my home, I thought it only fair to make a few housekeeping changes online too.


A Festive Collaboration

Well hello there, December! How did you get here so quickly? I guess that’s it then, we are officially on the countdown to Christmas. Can somebody give me a whoop, whoop!? If you follow any of my social media feeds, you will probably have seen that I recently worked on a collaboration project with three very talented bloggers – my close friend and blogging buddy, Jacqui from Brooke Eva, the lovely Linda from Live Loud Girl, and the super artistic, Camilla from… Read more »

free printable christmas holiday gift tags

Printable Christmas gift tags 2014

The silly season is fast approaching. Again. Can you believe that? Are you making plans and starting to prepare for the holidays? I’m slowing moving in that direction. Last year I designed some Christmas gift tags which I made available for free download on the blog. Since they were really popular, I thought I’d do the same again this year. This year’s edition is my attempt at holiday humor… I little something we could all do with around the festive season. Right? You… Read more »



South Africans take note! If you haven’t yet discovered Esque, the super-slick online retailer that delivers countrywide, you’re going to thank me for this one. Showcasing an impressive range of local and international brands, this new kid on the interweb seems to be bang on target with it’s selection of cool, contemporary furniture and homewares. As a South African living in Dubai, I love discovering local talent both from back home and here in the UAE, so I was really excited to learn that the founders of Esque are two… Read more »

DIY gold ikea bookshelf

DIY gold bookshelf

Hello my lovelies. It’s been a while since I talked ‘DIY’, but I have a great little project to share with you today. So you know how I’ve been going on about ‘lightening and brightening’ things up in my home for, oh, about a year now? I’ve managed to tick a few boxes here and there (like the purchase of my must-have light), but I’m finally making some real progress. The dining room was in need of a serious overhaul – mostly because it was filled… Read more »

De Castelli furniture and accessories

De Castelli

Last week I visited the Downtown Design for the first time. Aside of anything else, it was a welcome break from a looong week spent mostly housebound with two sick children. I mean, you could have sent me to the grocery store with a mile-long list and I’d have made a good time of it. But for those who don’t know, Downtown Design is substantially more exciting than that – it’s Dubai’s newest international design trade fair. Whilst the event was somewhat smaller than I… Read more »


Leather straps

I recently came across this exquisitely simple, highly functional and aesthetically beautiful leather strap. Mathilda Clahr, a design student from Sweden (yup, no surprises there), has transformed a simple strap of leather into an object with multiple uses, from keeping a favourite bag or magazine at the ready to stowing towels or scarves. I’m a big fan of simple, no frills design and this one ticks all the boxes. Source It got me thinking about the use of leather straps in decor and DIY… Read more »


Style file: Herringbone & Chevrons

You know how every now and then a particular style or trend catches your eye and you find yourself obsessing about it constantly. Totally normal behavior, right? Well I’ve fallen victim to this phenomenon and I’m laying the blame entirely on herringbone and chevrons – specifically for walls and floors (because I’ve seen about enough of chevron fabrics for now!) Believe me when I say I am having to hold myself back from installing what must be the jewel in the crown of flooring in… wait for it… my… Read more »

A round up of wire furniture lighting and accessories

Favourite things: Wire decor roundup

Hello my lovelies and welcome to October… already. It seems that Christmas is officially in sight. How did that happen so fast? Updates to the blog have been a little scarce lately as I’ve been sidetracked with a few small projects. One of these is a revamp of our dining room which is looking drab to say the very least. I’ll update you on this space when its fit for public consumption but in the meantime, I can tell you that its had… Read more »


Au Prints

As you’ve probably realised, metallics are very much on my radar. My Pinterest feed is shinier than usual and its not even Christmas yet. I recently discovered something so pretty and unique, I just had to share. Let me take you back to high school (early nineties, anyone?) and see if you can recall which precious natural resource is represented by the chemical symbol Au? It’s gold, of course! Aptly named Au Prints offers a set of prints with gold ink manually applied. Limited to… Read more »

Making the switch feature1-02

Making The Switch

If you’re not already aware of the UAE’s new lighting standards, you’ll find out soon enough. It’s going to affect us all. In a good way. As part of a plan to minimize energy consumption and substantially reduce and the country’s carbon emissions, environmental chiefs have already imposed a ban on the import of traditional incandescent light bulbs.

copper and blush accents

Colour crush: Copper & Blush

I am seeing copper and shades of pink everywhere. From stationery and cake decor to kitchens and living rooms. I am loving it. What a pretty pair they make. Metallics of all kinds are very much on trend, but copper is really catching my eye. Well-known for it’s efficient conductivity of heat, copper provides a perception of warmth as we head towards the cooler months. We are not quite there yet in Dubai – this week has been particularly stifling – but can I just… Read more »

Line Kay photographer and stylist

Line Kay, stylist & photographer

It has to be said that the old inter web can be a bit of a time vacuum. And I think it’s been around appropriately long enough to be called ‘old’ now. I mean there are twenty-somethings out there who would NEVER have known everyday life without it. How bizarre is that?! I’m showing my age now. But seriously, hands up anyone who sits down to quickly look for something online, gets distracted by another thing, and boom, two hours slip by just… Read more »